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What Every Woman Needs to Know

What Every Woman Needs to Know
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What Every Woman Needs to Know
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What Every Woman Needs to Know

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  • An understanding of the crux of the issue regarding the attempted elimination of the acknowledgement of sexual dimorphism and the conflation of biological sex with the idea of “gender identity”.

  • A clarification of exactly HOW what has been framed as “transgender rights” are threatening the legal rights of women and girls, as well as children and fathers.

  • knowledge about several changes that have already been passed into state and federal law as well as discovering what legal threats are looming over us. 

  • an understanding of how people who identify with transgender identities are also harmed by transgender rights activism and the laws proposed in their names.

  • A breakdown of key terms used in transgender rights activism.

  • how the words we as women use to name our bodies and our selves are being legally and socially barred from use more and more, by the day, including in spaces specifically designed for birthing women and their female birth workers. 

  • the facts about what exactly makes a “trans kid” and how medical and social transition of children is becoming a new form of “conversion therapy” for gender non-conforming children.

  • insight into who is benefiting from the sudden appearance of so many “trans kids”

  • how your children are being or will be impacted by the trans rights agenda

  • stories about parents who are having their lives and relationships with their children destroyed for disagreeing about the transgender identity of their children.

  • insight into what happens when one decides they are no longer transgender and want to return to living as their true sex again

the facts you need now! 11.11.gif
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