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K. Yang is the creator of and the writer, film maker, artist, and activist behind “The Deprogrammer". 


Yang exposes the intersections of corporate-government-non-profit collusion driving the “transgender rights movement”; a smoke screen for a massive social engineering and propaganda war being used to facilitate female erasure in language and in law on a world-wide scale. 


Her work connects the dots between normalized practices of child sexualization, and  proliferation of bio pharmaceutical transhumanist technologies and frames these agendas as foundational to the colonization of the female body and female reproductive control.


K. Yang’s perspective is uniquely informed by her past work  indoctrinating youth with “gender identity” ideology in New York public schools while working at an LGBT non-profit funded by the New York State Department of Health.




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The New York Post - By Dana Kennedy - Published December 31, 2022 

Link: How billionaire Pritzkers became key backers of bail reform, ‘gender affirming’ care

The New York Post - By Dana Kennedy - Published January 7, 2023 

Link: Parents say their kids were brainwashed at school, seek deprogrammers

Salon - By Jon Skolnik - Published October 30, 2022

Link: Co-opting the message: How anti-trans activists hijacked a tool meant to help trans people


I speak out about the normalization of 
pornography and the proliferation of human trafficking, and sex trafficking.

My work has been heavily censored, banned, and removed all over the internet and slapped with the
label of “hate speech” by Big Tech for my non-compromising work in the defense of the sex based legal and social rights of women and girls around the world. 

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the dots

I am researching, studying, and creating original anlysis and content contributing to an emerging understanding of the rising

normalization of

pedoculture alongside transgenderism/transhumanism and to explore and explain the roots of and connections between these ideologies and practices. 


By sampling, merging, mashing, and editing together interviews, books, art, documentaries, news stories, studies,

and more 

I help tell the story of us as women and document what is being done to us and our children and how we are fighting back in the face of a cold, mechanical Brave New World, --a patriarchal death cult thousands of years or more in the making.

info graphics

I create infographics, memes, flyers, zines, and more resources that can be used to spread awareness and engage people in topics they normally wouldn't be confronted with or be comfortable talking about.

In an age of growing technological censorship and socially expected self-censorship, it is more important than ever to carve out and create space for women to discuss and analyze what is being done to us and how to stop it.

ideas & perspective

I am a former grassroots organizer and activist of 15 years across many issues ––but having been most concentrated on opposing state, and police violence, and using direct action to disrupt ecological destruction, and support indigenous sovereignty.  

I now am offering up new ideas and insights into the connections between transgender ideology, pedophilia, and transhumanism based on my experiences being involved first hand with trans rights activism and activists in the North Americas.


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Copy of The Deprogrammer's presentation


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