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The 11th

Hour Blog

Investigative Journalism from Jennifer Bilek with focus at the intersection of Transgender, Capitalism, and Technology.

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witch n' bitch

Witch & Bitch is a spiritual and radical feminist community aimed at liberating all women’s minds, hearts, spirits & bodies from the patriarchal shadow that prohibits and suppresses the equity, balance and divinity of humankind. 

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Jillian Anderson

Writer, Mentor, and Transformational Coach -- Author of, "The Deeply Supporter Mother Workbook", and host of The Vital Mother Podcast.


Deep Dives

Podcasts & videos.

"Conspiracy Is Another Word for Plan"

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whose body

is it?

Coaching for Women Rediscovering their Innate Wisdom from Isabella -- Birthworker & Fertility Activist

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campaign against sex robots

The Campaign Against Sex Robots highlights that machines in the form of women or children for use as sex objects, substitutes for human partners or prostituted persons, are harmful and will contribute to inequalities in society.