Could it be the concept and message of female rights and liberation has been intentionally controlled and distorted over time in order to control the narrative and thereby suppress any radical thought or action that could lead to women's ascent from the subordination of a male dominated world society?


Consider the fact that the so called Father of Propaganda, nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays had a hand in scripting messaging and narratives about women's rights through a massive propaganda campaign which sought to not only muddle the issues but specifically target women to become addicted to nicotine and boost the sales of cigarettes for the American Tobacco Company.

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october 18, 2019

how the

violence against women act erases

women's rights

part one:

The Violence Against Women Act intentionally Uses the language of GENDER instead of SEX effectively invizibilizing the reality of sex based oppression of females and enabling any male --including those convicted of rape and violence against women & children-- to pose as the opposite sex on the basis that he allegedly "feels like" a woman and legally gain access to vulnerable women & girls to victimize. Woman is a biological reality not a feeling or identity.

part two:



may 30, 2019

march 20, 2019

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They have taken our bathrooms, they have taken women's homeless and domestic violence shelters, women's gyms and locker rooms, women's positions in leadership roles and governance.

They are transing & sterilizing our children. They have stolen our ability to name ourselves and are attempting a total destruction of words as we know it as they diligently work to eliminate all true meaning from the words woman, girl, and female. Now, they push for further female erasure as they takeover our sports & steal scholarships and opportunities away from young girls.


How one "identifies" is irrelevant to biological sex. To say one was BORN as male can become a female is not only a lie but ignorant, privileged, and delusional. Regardless of what measures of deception one engages in to hide their true sex---such as wigs, fake nails, makeup, clothing, surgery, hormones, prosthetics, etc the biological makeup of a person can NOT be changed.

the transgender

takeover of female sports

february 28, 2019

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Convicted murderer who dismembered the body of his "friend" --Michael Alig-- has been very involved with grooming the "drag kid" Desmond is Amazing who has been pushed by the largest mainstream media news networks in America.

We must speak up now and make our voices heard. Child sexualization is NOT okay in any form and the normalization of it under the guise of diversity, inclusion and self actualization must be stopped in it's tracks. People who are gay, bisexual, and lesbian have a responsibility and a duty to stand up and make the most noise as this is being promoted in the name of the corporatized LGBT brand. Silence IS complicity.

michael alig


desmond is amazing


 Investigation of Child Abuse at 

nyc night club

It is overwhelming clear now that our society is experiencing a direct attack in the form of an artificially created cultural shift in morals and values a manufactured consent for the acceptance of pedophilia.


Who cares if celebrities, politicians, corporations, brands, non profits, pop culture or news networks promote "drag kids", we all know this is very wrong and a very slippery slope.


Child sexualization is ALWAYS wrong no matter the sex or sexual orientation of those perpetuating it. Silence IS complicity. Make your voice heard, speak up NOW.

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february 15, 2019

originally published:

Desmond is Amazing” an 11 year old autistic boy from Brooklyn, NY who has been heavily groomed since his was a baby to perform exaggerated femininity.


Recently he was featured on two of the most popular daytime television shows in America, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. My video attempts to briefly introduce the situation and show the extent of the widespread agenda to normalize “drag” for children.



Grooming America: "Drag Kids" Go Mainstream on Today Show & Good Morning America

february 8, 2019

january 9, 2019

GRINDR Has A Pedophile Problem

One of the focusses of my work is investigating the mainstreaming of pedophilia.


I had to investigate Grindr as a I have a personal connection to this issue --I had several adult male friends who were addicted to using this app and having dangerous & debasing anonymous hook ups through it.


It was revealed to me that a former friend had used the app to groom underage boys whom he would then meet up with and sexually abuse.

originally published:

january 24, 2019

KINDR: Pedophile Manifesto in Action?

The adult gay male hook up app, Grindr, has a new marketing campaign called, "Kindr". Find out what Kindr has to do with the pedophile manifesto, "After The Fall: A Guide to Destroying Pedophobia in the 21st Century".

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originally published:

A deeper look into Grindr --the most popular hook up app for gay males--reveals high level pedophiles have used the app to prey on and groom boys to sexually abuse.


Terry Bean is a co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign --which is attempting to rename women's vaginas as the term "front hole"– and was a top bundler for Obama collecting over a million dollars for him.


Bean was a White House and D.C. household name.

Exposed Pedophile Terry Bean: Obama Bundler & Co-Founder of the Human Rights Campaign

january 12, 2019

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As women, we have been written out of history. The names we use to describe ourselves, our bodies, and our lived experiences are being stolen from us and redefined to include males on the basis of their delusions and deranged feelings.


Thousands of years of male programming has failed to yield a completely obedient population of females happy to be reduced to non-thinking sex objects that cook, clean, and produce babies. Therefore some men have taken it upon themselves to pursue the next best thing.


Men in powerful positions are working round the clock day and night to create artificial forms of life which they hope will not only usurp our natural biological functions but render us as women to complete disposability. They are attempting to turn myth and fantasy into reality by creating franken-offspring –artificial humanoid life forms– and simultaneously feminizing them, personifying them as females which can be completely contained, controlled, and programmed by their male creators.


When feminized robots dreamed up by and programmed by men speak, who are they truly speaking for? Who and what do they truly represent?

Transhumanist Dreams or Electric Nightmares?

october 26, 2018

originally published:

This must see documentary takes a look at propaganda surrounding sex robots from a woman's point of view. Who are they being made for, for what purpose, and how will this impact women, girls, and society at large? From old sitcoms, to cult classics like Star Trek, the idea of replacing women with sex robots is nothing new, but in our dystopian present the men who make these abominable machines are targeting incels, MGTOWs, & general woman haters as their target consumer base.

The Truth About Sex Robots:

The Dystopian Reality of the War on Women

september 19, 2018

august 22, 2018