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 Effects of Pornography on Society & Youth

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July 6, 2020

Torches of Freedom:



bernays & The Birth of Corporate Feminism

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April 12, 2020

In this short documentary, we go back to the Easter Day Parade of 1929 when a handful of selected women marched down 5th avenue New York City smoking cigarettes in front of staged news media to kick off the corporate sponsored feminist campaign branding cigarettes as “Torches of Freedom.” This action was orchestrated by none other than Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud and America’s father of propaganda.


As the second video in my short series on American propaganda and feminism, this mini documentary will dive into an early and explicit corporate manipulation of feminist sentiments. Bernays and his ties beyond the tobacco industry reveal their broader plot, to steer women’s desire for liberation towards the objectified service of corporate and government interests, fear-riddled support of government power, and turning generations of women into a “gold mine” for the corporations.

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January 4, 2020

Informal commentary on pro-transgender, anti-female propaganda from Sixty Minutes Australia.

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HANNAH MOUNCEY: Transgender Male Female Athletes Refused to Shower With

January 4, 2020

This video further examines the invasion of female sports by delusional and mentally ill males who claim to be women. The focus of this video is Hannah Mouncey, a 6' 2" transgender identified male handball player from Australia hell bent on forcing others to call him a woman.


By his own admission, between November 2016 and March 2017 Callum Mouncey was admitted to the hospital nearly 20 times because of mental health issues. That’s basically once a week. In March 2017 Callum was admitted to Canberra hospital again, after a few days he was discharged. The doctor wanted to release Mouncey without perscribing him any further hormone treatment. She also notified mouncey that she would be contacting his general practitioner and reccomend that he no longer receive access to synthetic female hormones.


In November 2018 Mouncey scored four goals during his first international game replacing a would be ACTUAL female player on the Australian Women's Mouncey's nomination for the 2017 AFL Women's draft was eventually declined.


In December 2019, Mouncey published an article in the Australia Star Observer confirming first hand that he was refused acceptance to the Australian Women's National team SPECIFICALLY because his female teammates organized together with a team manager to say NO, they would not be accepting him into the female showers and locker room. The mainstream news outlets who covered the story for years repeatedly pushed the deceitful narrative that his female teammates were fine playing with a male and the real problem was the male administrators.

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Could it be the concept and message of female rights and liberation has been intentionally controlled and distorted over time in order to control the narrative and thereby suppress any radical thought or action that could lead to women's ascent from the subordination of a male dominated world society?


Consider the fact that the so called Father of Propaganda, nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays had a hand in scripting messaging and narratives about women's rights through a massive propaganda campaign which sought to not only muddle the issues but specifically target women to become addicted to nicotine and boost the sales of cigarettes for the American Tobacco Company.

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october 18, 2019

part one:

how the

violence against women act erases

women's rights

The Violence Against Women Act intentionally Uses the language of GENDER instead of SEX effectively invizibilizing the reality of sex based oppression of females and enabling any male --including those convicted of rape and violence against women & children-- to pose as the opposite sex on the basis that he allegedly "feels like" a woman and legally gain access to vulnerable women & girls to victimize. Woman is a biological reality not a feeling or identity.

part two:



may 30, 2019

march 20, 2019

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They have taken our bathrooms, they have taken women's homeless and domestic violence shelters, women's gyms and locker rooms, women's positions in leadership roles and governance.

They are transing & sterilizing our children. They have stolen our ability to name ourselves and are attempting a total destruction of words as we know it as they diligently work to eliminate all true meaning from the words woman, girl, and female. Now, they push for further female erasure as they takeover our sports & steal scholarships and opportunities away from young girls.


How one "identifies" is irrelevant to biological sex. To say one was BORN as male can become a female is not only a lie but ignorant, privileged, and delusional. Regardless of what measures of deception one engages in to hide their true sex---such as wigs, fake nails, makeup, clothing, surgery, hormones, prosthetics, etc the biological makeup of a person can NOT be changed.

the transgender

takeover of female sports

february 28, 2019

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Convicted murderer who dismembered the body of his "friend" --Michael Alig-- has been very involved with grooming the "drag kid" Desmond is Amazing who has been pushed by the largest mainstream media news networks in America.

We must speak up now and make our voices heard. Child sexualization is NOT okay in any form and the normalization of it under the guise of diversity, inclusion and self actualization must be stopped in it's tracks. People who are gay, bisexual, and lesbian have a responsibility and a duty to stand up and make the most noise as this is being promoted in the name of the corporatized LGBT brand. Silence IS complicity.

michael alig


desmond is amazing


 Investigation of Child Abuse at 

nyc night club