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my latest video was censored on youtube:

Blurred Lines
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youtube disabled live chat during the premiere and disabled my ability to receive comments on the video.

please "thumbs up" to help the video be seen by more people.

what else is new? - Resisting Groupthink Gender Identity & The New Normal w TheDeprogrammerXX -PART 3-tKXl6pRiOxU-720p-1637368454134
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interviewed by Isabella Malbin

on the Whose Body Is It podcast

"K. Yang (TheDeprogrammerXX) and I explore the mechanisms of groupthink, mind control, and obedience in the crosshairs of gender identity and the so-called new normal. We discuss the systematic erosion of human instincts and bodily integrity, the Milgram Shock Experiment and Edward Bernays, and the bizarre authoritarian psychopathy hell-bent on destroying humanity and life on earth. We also share personal experiences surrounding the culture of masks and injections over the past eighteen months.


TheDeprogrammerXX provides an emerging understanding of the rising normalization of pedoculture alongside transgenderism and transhumanism, and analyzes the sources and interconnectedness of these ideologies and practices. She is a former grassroots organizer and activist of 15 years across many issues, and brings her critical expertise through her educational media at the cost of enduring threats, smears, assaults and much more."